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~   T H E    P L U M    B L O S S O M   F A N   ~

Jing Liu

In Chinese art, the Four Gentlemen or Four Noble Ones (Chinese: 四君子; pinyin: Sì Jūnzǐ)," is a collective term referring to four plants: the plum blossom, the orchid, the bamboo, and the chrysanthemum. The term compares the four plants to Confucian junzi, or "gentlemen." They are commonly depicted in bird-and-flower paintings, a broad category of classical Chinese art, and they are particularly popular subjects for ink and wash painting.

 The Four Gentlemen are a recurring theme in Chinese art because of their long history of symbolism for traditional virtues such as uprightness, purity, humility, perseverance against harsh conditions. Each of them represents a different season; the plum blossom for winter, the orchid for spring, the bamboo for summer, and the chrysanthemum for autumn., The Plum tree's blossom is a symbol of winter ending and a herald of spring. The tree's pale pink blossoms are cherished because they bloom vibrantly and so bravely amidst the winter chill. They symbolise perseverance and hope, as well as beauty thriving in adverse circumstances.

 The Four Gentlemen have been used in Chinese painting since the time of the Song dynasty (960–1279) and were later adopted by artists elsewhere in East Asia. This beautiful original hand painted fan with full Chinese calligraphy on the reverse side is of plum blossom.

Return of the Resident Artists' Gallery

With the 2023 Winter Collection now live the front of the gallery has returned as the Resident Artists' Gallery where paintings are bought and immediately taken, to be replaced with new works. Typically, artists present in this part of the gallery once they have demonstrated their sell in curated exhibitions..

Debra Thompson's contemporary mixed media compositions of 'Frida' and 'Michael' pace the current Resident Artists' Gallery 

In 2019, the new Gallery opens!

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Below is a list of artists and their web links, who have prior exhibited in the Welcome Swallow Gallery

  • Jenni Taris
  • Denise White 
  • Kate Wilson
  • Jos Coufreur
  • Haydn Rive
  • David Clark
  • Deborah Eastwood
  • Maggie Sullivan
  • Belinda Saunders
  • Marion Manson
  • Fenella Fern
  • Richard Gemmell
  • Ro Fawcett Smith
  • Marise Rarere
  • Jodi Collins
  • Leontien van der Beek
  • Catherine Houston
  • Bridget Flanagan
  • Miranda Hensleigh
  • Anike Hinze
  • Chris Fairley
  • Naomi Roche
  • Dennis Ralph
  • Barry O'Brien
  • Diane Mayson-Hewitt
  • Ailene Cuthbertson
  • Ann Gray
  • Anne Harrison
  • Colleen Tetley
  • Trish Harding
  • Gavin Smith

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