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For the Festive season through to February 2023, the new exhibition, As You Like It is taking up the entire gallery meaning that the Resident Artist's Gallery is currently suspended. All the information on each painting is now on plates on the gallery walls. There is an exhibition brochure (see below) but not a traditional catalogue. Since we anticipate replacing items immediately, once sold, paintings can be removed and given to the buyer at the time of sale. We hope that this will greatly facilitate purchases over Christmas.

Julie Mello art in the As You Like it exhibition

Yasmin Davies Ceramic Koru

Elena Brambilla 

Tui and Kowhai

Sandra Barlow

Spring is Here

Jenni Taris

Totem Woman


Terra Sigillata Terracotta

Price; $1250

Maggie B. Sullivan

Maggie B. Sullivan

In late May 1907 Frances Hodgkins undertook her second trip to Holland, remaining there for the next fifteen months, earning a respectable living taking in student lodgers. As written by Hodgkins on the back of this painting, Boys Fishing was a gift to one of those students, Theresa Thorp, “the congenial and specially selected companion” with whom she travelled to Paris in 1908.

The three young subjects of Boys Fishing are wearing traditional Dutch caps and clogs and reflect Hodgkins’ awareness of the work of British artist Stanhope Forbes (1857-1947), a leading member of the artists’ group at Newlyn, the small Cornish fishing village which she had first visited in 1902. One of its three subjects sits cross-legged on the approaches to a bridge, engrossed in what he is doing, while the two others lean against the rails behind, watching. 

The trio and the bridge itself are presented simply and directly, with minimal attention to detail, as in the vigorous brushstrokes that define the clumps of trees framing the composition. There is a restrained use of colour in this quiet and contemplative scene, capturing the sense of three young friends lost in their

As one of New Zealand's famous artists and as part of our, 'As You Like It' exhibition, currently running in the Welcome Swallow Gallery, we are pleased to present a wonderful Frances Hodgkins painting, entitled Boys Fishing. 


Boys Fishing c. 1907



Private Collection NFS

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