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Katherine Church's, June Evening in Buckinghamshire (1945) with Amy Krauss's, The Orchard (1919) Both courtesy of a Private Collector

Pictures and press coverage from the exhibition, Chinese Art: Inheritance & Innovation

Waikato Times 15th May 2021

Enjoying the exhibition

The August 2021 Permanent Collection

The return of Totem Woman

Making of Totem Woman

I start my Totem Woman by making a large pinch pot to which I add large coils that meld it together, pinching it up to form the shape at the same time. Completing a small segment at a time means that that it can take 7-10 days to form a single sculpture. I build them slowly so the clay has time to harden and hold it's shape and not sag. At the same time I compress the surface and burnish. When I’m satisfied with the shape I let it dry to leather hard. The next stage is to soak some muslin fabric in clay slip and gently arrange it over the torso. Then I let it dry a bit more, preparing to place the terra sigillata over the whole form. This is carried out with several coats each day until I achieve the colour that I envisaged. After drying, the composition is fired in my electric kiln to 1000 degrees Celsius. It is then fired in my sawdust kiln where the smoking in the kiln is very random. Luck plays a big part and also, strangely, the weather. Depending on what wood and sawdust is being used, this part of the process can take several days.

The Storey behind the making of Totem Woman

My Mum used to take us to the Auckland Museum in the school holidays by way of the train and a long walk or a bus via Queen Street. My favourite area was the pacific section and like most kids then, I liked drumming the Karva bow. The Gilbert islander in his sisal suit was a favourites too.

Years later after the Museum was renovated, an exhibition was held in the Pacific section that included Gods and intrepid Warriors who embarked on amazing journeys, exploring while making war and fighting evil forces. It was also said that a single man would have many children. I stood there in amongst all these great things done by men and realised that they would not have been able to do any of this without their wife or mother looking after the village, tending to huts and farms, growing food, making clothes and raising the family. There was no mention of women in the exhibits. At all. So I added to the narrative by inventing the Totem Woman, to tell the story of all those women who established their own great adventures. Seemingly in the back-ground. Perhaps not.

Joy of Humanity: People & Place - the current gallery exhibition

The launch evening in pictures

A Welcome Swallow Exhibition - Catalogue with opening night photos

The success of this exhibition that opened on 18th September was such that the gallery has 'refreshed' the exhibition hall, replacing the 60% sold paintings with new compositions form the exhibition artists. "F5" is now available and opening for viewing.


Each year Yasmin Franzmayr-Davis produces a spectacular Koru of watercolour Porcelain images. It forms a corner-piece of our latest art show, A Welcome Swallow Gallery exhibition.

"It's all in the Mind" 10th July - 30th September 2020

Year in review

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Gallery Gossip

A New Zealand Story available for online viewing

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An upgrade

The Welcome Swallow Gallery and Gifts took the hiatus in trading as an opportunity to add a lick of paint and to re-organize how we look. Below, our new card rails are watched over by the work of conceptual artist Kate Wilson. 

The Waikato Watercolourists Exhibition 14th February - 31st March

The Exhibition Catalogue

Photos from the launch, Friday 14th

Raglan Art with Risk exhibition photos 27.9.19 - 27.10.19

DB Chartered Accountant's Volunteer's Choice Award

Diane Mayson-Hewitt's splendid Venice Canal, shown abovetook out the honours as the Volunteer's Choice Award for the Raglan Art with Risk exhibition.


To view our celebration - redux online catalog, click below

For updated celebration online catalog, indicating art works SOLD, click below

celebration Exhibition photos 1st May 2019


  1. Gilian Hamilton, A Welcome Swallow Exhibition, 3 August – 31 Dec 2013 
  2. John Wakeling, Art in Nature: a photographic Exhibition, 8 Feb – 1 June 2014
  3. Marion Manson, and Fenella Fern, The Art of Craft, 30 Oct – 1 Dec 2014 
  4. Marilyn  Rea-Menzies and Belinda Saunders, Fantasies in Fibre and Clay, 4 Dec – 2 Feb 2014/15 
  5. Kate Wilson, Project Darkside, 22 May – 31 August 2015
  6. David Clark, Haydn Rive, Robyn Ninnes, Kate Wilson, Fenella Fern and Gilian Hamilton Group exhibition, March – May 2016
  7. Marilyn Rea-Menzies and Elwyn Stone, Juxtapose, 28 Oct – 31 Jan 2016/17
  8. Kate Wilson Mind Stretch, 1 March - 31 May 2017
  9. Deborah Eastwood, The Messengers, 9 June -  31 July 2017
  10. Denise White, Odyssey, 11 August – 30 Sept 2017
  11. Jenni Taris, Yasmin Davis, Expressions of Spring: Clay and Felt, 6 October – 6 Jan 2017/18
  12. Robyn Ninnes, A Point of Difference, 19 Jan – 3 March 2018 
  13. Toni Kingstone, Peaceful by Nature, 9 March -  30 April 2018
  14. Maggie Sullivan, Small works: Musings and Meditations, 4 May - 18 June 2018
  15. Catherine Smith, Flowers and more – A celebration of the Natural World, 10 August – 10 Sept 2018
  16. Birgit Shannon, Journey of Styles, 14 Sept – 29 Oct 2018
  17. Yasmin Davis and Jenni Taris and Robyn Ninnes, Spring Collection 1 Nov – 31 Jan 2018/19
  18. Rebecca Ngapo, Noun: A collection of People, Places and Things, 8 Feb – 23rd March 2019
  19. Various Artists, celebration 1 May – 1 August 2019 (Current) // celebration - redux, 14 June - 1st August 2019
  20. Marilyn Rea-Menzies, Joan Woodham, Louise Cook, Anita Seddon, Rainy Du, threads of life, 9th August - 20th September 2019
  21. Various Artists, raglan art with risk, 27 September - 27th October 2019
  22. Various Artists, christmas in the gallery, 1st November - 10th January 2020
  23. Sir William Russell Flint with gallery artists, prints in the gallery, 12 January - 12 February 2020
  24. Various Artists, The Waikato Watercolourists, 14 February - 31st March 2020
  25. Various Artists, A New Zealand Story, 3rd May- 30th June 2020
  26. Various Artists, It's all in the mind, 10th July - 30th September 2020
  27. Various Artists, A Welcome Swallow Exhibition, 18thSeptember – 11thNov 
  28. Various Artists, F5 12November – 5thJanuary 2021

Below is a list of artists and their web links, who have prior exhibited in the Welcome Swallow Gallery

  • Jenni Taris
  • Denise White 
  • Kate Wilson
  • Jos Coufreur
  • Haydn Rive
  • David Clark
  • Deborah Eastwood
  • Maggie Sullivan
  • Belinda Saunders
  • Marion Manson
  • Fenella Fern
  • Richard Gemmell
  • Ro Fawcett Smith
  • Marise Rarere
  • Jodi Collins
  • Leontien van der Beek
  • Catherine Houston
  • Bridget Flanagan
  • Miranda Hensleigh
  • Anike Hinze
  • Chris Fairley
  • Naomi Roche
  • Dennis Ralph
  • Barry O'Brien
  • Diane Mayson-Hewitt
  • Ailene Cuthbertson
  • Ann Gray
  • Anne Harrison
  • Colleen Tetley
  • Trish Harding
  • Gavin Smith

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