"A new gallery that works to support children in hardship is a commendable charity" - Sam Edwards, Waikato Times 14 May 2019

It is hard to imagine that within our immediate geographies there are children, who for a variety of reasons through no fault of their own, face incredibly tough lives with very uncertain futures. Governments that come and go will typically address some of these issues without resolving the plight of children who fall outside their general programs. For this reason, the Achieving Change for Children Charitable Trust (ACCCT), is fully committed to raising funds for children in true hardship. We raise money by selling super art work and great gifts. All funds raised go to children's charities in the Waikato. All who work with the Trust are unpaid volunteers.

Announcing a new sponsor for the Welcome Swallow Gallery

Enlighten Designs is a 100% kiwi-owned creative technical agency led by our values of integrity, learning, creativity, connectivity and fun. Design lies at the heart of all our work. Artists require abundant imagination, technical skills, and execution; in this sense Enlighten Designs is intimately connected with the Purpose and ideals of the Welcome Swallow Gallery.

Founded in 1998 by CEO Damon Kelly from a caravan in his mother’s backyard, Enlighten’s entrepreneurial spirit thrives with our team of 70+ specialists who create beautiful digital experiences for our customers and employees. Specializing across 5 pillars of web, mobile & apps, custom development, data & analytics, and digital workplaces, Enlighten is an award-winning Gold Microsoft partner.

Enlighten was founded on a passion for people and to bring customer-centric technology solutions from the shores of New Zealand to the rest of the world. Our wide spectrum of clients ranges from local Waikato start-ups to multinational billion dollar organizations including Air New Zealand, Microsoft, The Associated Press, Livestock Improvement Corporation, various city councils, and Red Bull. Enlighten Design is delighted to partner with the Welcome Swallow Gallery and their commitment to raising funds for children in true hardship.

Damon Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, Enlighten Design

Gallery Reviews - what is recorded

Welcome Swallow Gallery Exhibition Catalogues

Please note that although each exhibition replaces the previous one in the gallery, we may still be able to source a work of art from earlier exhibitions. We are also able to freight our art works anywhere within New Zealand and worldwide. Freight costs are additional to the Catalogue prices. By downloading the catalogues above you will have immediate access to reviewing over 500 pieces of art work.

Contact details:


Welcome Swallow Gallery & Gifts

378 Grey, Street, Hamilton East  3216

Tel. 07 858 3964

Open: Mon-Friday 9.30am– 4.30pm; Sat 10am – 2pm; Sun 11am – 2pm 

e-mail: WelcomeSwallow.nz@gmail.com

Waikato Times Reviews Threads of Life Exhibition 13 August 2019

Sam Edwards provides a thoughtful review of the threads of life Exhibition by calling out one of the pieces that was sold early on. "Zipper or Door" by artist Rainy Du is chosen as emblematic of the exhibition's intent.


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