"A new gallery that works to support children in hardship is a commendable charity" - Sam Edwards, Waikato Times 14 May 2019

It is hard to imagine that within our immediate geographies there are children, who for a variety of reasons through no fault of their own, face incredibly tough lives with very uncertain futures. Governments that come and go will typically address some of these issues without resolving the plight of children who fall outside their general programs. For this reason, the Achieving Change for Children Charitable Trust (ACCCT), is fully committed to raising funds for children in true hardship.

Waikato Times Reviews Threads of Life Exhibition 13 August 2019

Sam Edwards provides a thoughtful review of the threads of life Exhibition by calling out one of the pieces that was sold early on. "Zipper or Door" by artist Rainy Du is chosen as emblematic of the exhibition's intent.

To see all items in the gallery, surf to "Blog" and download the threads of life pdf Catalogue

Visit the Welcome Swallow Gallery and enjoy viewing these very special garments.


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