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New Exhibition

We are pleased to present this exhibition, Drawn From Life, featuring works from Fine Art Society New Zealand. With this exhibition, the Welcome Swallow Gallery continues to present fine art exhibitions of high quality.

These artworks are all works on paper produced by Ron Stenberg, Tim Quirke and Jan Nigro; highly trained, professional artists. Although all three are completely different in their style and subject matter, they all display the skills that can only be acquired from years of training and practice in rendering the human body.

The depiction of the human body has been central to art in every culture from the beginning of time and still is to the present day. From the oldest identified pieces of art to those created during the modern era, the depiction of the human figure has played a monumental role in conveying the ideals, desires, and creeds of the artists that created them.

The opening night, sponsored by Montana, will feature a cocktail bar and platter-served canapes. Live music will be provided by Melody and Yotam on violin and cello. More details to follow


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