The Welcome Swallow Gallery & Gifts is run by the Achieving Change for Children Charitable Trusts (ACCCT). We sell a wide range of products, to a cross section of customers, both local and from further afield.  Our retail gifts include New Zealand made kitchen and home wares, Manuka skincare products, organic baby wear, stationery, jewellery, NZ artist printed cards and European designed and made personal accessories. We also sell hand crafted items made by local artisans including hand knitted baby wear, adult knits and wheat bags. The graphics below that are updated on a regular basis highlight a selection of gifts for giving in 2020.

In April 2021 the shop was extended by 2 meters to accommodate a more comprehensive area for children's clothes, toys and educational products.

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Burgeon & Ball Pots for Phoebe and Basil, channeling the Frances Hodgkins 

Berries and Laurel installation


By Jed Sevard


Grubbs are creatures from outer space that arrived in New Zealand via a hot-wired Voyager probe from the 1970’s. They crash landed in the Great Forest. 

Jed Seward has been the solo contact between the colony and respectable society, obtaining the Grubbs with various methods such as bribery, trickery as well as contractual small print shenanigans.

Failing those methods, Jed has also had success with box traps and butterfly nets

Cairney's colourful circles and crafted felt creations

Featuring some of our best-selling tea towels

Corriedale Sheep Tea Towel 


Pavlova Tea Towel 


Land of Milk and Honey Tea Towel 


Pohutukawa Tea Towel 


Kereru TeaTowel 


Native Birds Tea Towel


Kiwi Paisley Tea Towel 


Cotton Tractors Tea Towel 


Cats Tea Towel 


Cats Tea Towel 


Nature’s Gallery Tea Towel 


Natural Flax Tea Towel 


Julia Weir Tea Towels


New Zealand Map and Birds 

Tea Towel $9.20


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