"A new gallery that works to support children in hardship is a commendable charity" - Sam Edwards, Waikato Times 14 May 2019

Joy of Humanity: People & Place

Selected pre-launch gallery shots

New Year: New exhibition!

The Welcome Swallow Gallery Exhibition and F5 refresh that rounded out 2020, saw over 70% of the catalogue sold. With this resounding success we look forward to starting 2021 with a new exhibition entitled, Joy of Humanity: People & Place. The exhibition will run from 22nd January till 26th March. New artists to the gallery, Juliet Roper and Martin Necas will be joined with compositions from existing gallery artists Bernadette Parsons and Rebecca Dowman-Ngapo. The chosen curatorial theme is designed to reflect a year in which the global pandemic and related challenges can be placed - replaced - with a  narrative art form that is positive, constructive and celebratory. Come the day.

Join us for the exhibition launch in the gallery from 5.30pm onwards on Friday 22nd January! Look out for the online catalogue that will be available on the day of the launch.


Harland Larsen

Rocket Light


Permanent Collection - new arrivals!

Art in the Shop

Robyn Ninnes compositions

Ray Ching in the Welcome Swallow Gallery

Raymond Ching

The Swallow & the Falling Leaf


Welcome Swallow Gallery Exhibition Catalogues and information plates

Please note that although each exhibition replaces the previous one in the gallery, we may still be able to source a work of art from earlier exhibitions. We are also able to freight our art works anywhere within New Zealand and worldwide. Freight costs are additional to the Catalogue prices. By downloading the catalogues above you will have immediate access to reviewing over 500 pieces of art work.

e-mail: WelcomeSwallow.nz@gmail.com

Gallery Reviews - what is recorded

Waikato Times Reviews Threads of Life Exhibition 13 August 2019

Sam Edwards provides a thoughtful review of the threads of life Exhibition by calling out one of the pieces that was sold early on. "Zipper or Door" by artist Rainy Du is chosen as emblematic of the exhibition's intent.

Press coverage of the celebration exhibition, Waikato Times 14 May 2019

~ Waikato Times Coverage 12th February ~

The Waikato Watercolourists Exhibition 14 Feb - 31st March 2020


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