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Looking forward to events in 2023!

  • Following the closure of the Aesthete Gallery in Hamilton, the Fine Art Society NZ  will be holding their first exhibition of the year, Drawn From Life, at the Welcome Swallow Gallery launching Friday 12th May until Friday 30th June. The exhibition will feature artwork from distinguished artists, Ron Stenberg, Tim Quirke and Jan Nigro. Look out for more details that will soon follow

  • Late March will see the return of the Resident Artists' Gallery (RAG) that will run concomitantly with the watercolourist exhibition

  •  A series of TBA events at the Ward Street Gallery in the CBD

Watch out for further details!

Brilliant opening night for the Waikato Watercolourists III exhibition with Timeless 

Friday 10th February saw the side by side exhibitions, The Waikato Watercolourists III and Timeless open to an audience of close to a hundred people. Four pieces of art were bought on the night (see Blog postings), from artists, Sandra Barlow, Rebecca Dowman Ngapo and new to the gallery photographic artist, Stephen Milner.

While Montana Catering delivered their superb experience of cocktails and canopies, the audience listened to a short speech from Nancy Caiger who introduced the new CBD project of a sculpture trail, slated to start in the first few months of 2024, Stephen Milner spoke of his work that aimed to make as manifest as possible, the supreme nature of New Zealand landscapes. Stephen's time at the podium included receiving the Volunteers Choice Award for the breathtaking three meter composition that reveals Ruapehu (see below) girded by an even spread of temperature inversion mist.

Finally, MC for the evening, Clive Gilson who had earlier welcomed those gathered, thanked the Trust Volunteers and all the wonderful artists who have made the Welcome Swallow Gallery a successful vehicle to raise funds for children leading incredibly tough lives. Gilson also noted that this was the 21st/22nd exhibition at the Welcome Swallow Gallery. 

Stephen Milner, Winner of the Volunteers Choice Award with this stunning photograph

Stephen Milner



Price: $2400

Pictures from opening night  Friday 10th Feb

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