Jing Liu and the Chinese fan

This extraordinary art piece from gallery artist, Jing Liu has sold from the Autumn Collection.  The narrative behind the fan is equally irresistible. 

The Story of the Fan

According to Chinese legend as Lao Tzu entered the Hangu Pass, the guide, Guan Yin could see a purple mist coming from the east and sensed that a saint was about to emerge. At that moment, Lao Tzu came into view riding an ox. From this time, purple mist is seen as a powerful metaphor in Chinese culture and tradition that signals an auspicious event, that includes happiness, good luck and perhaps wealth.  

This exquisite fan painted by Jing Liu shows the colour purple emerging from within the base of the petals, indicating good things are about to occur.  The Purple mist metaphor plays an important role in Chinese novels where it is frequently woven into intricate plot lines that drive the narrative.



據中國傳說,當老子進入函谷關時,嚮導觀音看到東方有紫色的霧氣,感覺到聖人即將出現。 這時,老子騎著牛出現了。 從那時起,紫色的霧氣在中國文化和傳統中被視為一個強有力的隱喻,預示著吉祥的事件,包括幸福、好運,也許還有財富。

劉靜所繪的這把精美扇子,花瓣基部泛出紫色,預示著大吉大利。 紫霧隱喻在中國小說中扮演著重要的角色,它經常被編織成驅動敘事的錯綜複雜的情節線。

Jing Liu

The Purple Air Comes From The East


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