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Toni Kingstone continues her development and regeneration of the inter-war period magical realism genre applying it to Maori legend. This magnificent 1.2m roundel from the 2023 Winter Collection will soon be on its way to an Auckland collection.

Te Wai Paunamu

“Poutini, the guardian of Pounamu and a taniwha (a giant water being), snatched a beautiful Maori woman. Waitaiki, from the North Island.

He brought her south eventually to the Arahura River but her husband Tamaahua gave chase. Fearing Tamaahua’s strength and determination, Poutini decided that if he could not have Waitaiki, no-one would. He transformed her into his likeness, Pounanmu and laid her in the cold, dark waters of the river. The jade fragments that break off and roll down the river to the sea are known as Waitaiki’s children.

The three Koru represent Waikaiti, Poutini and Tamaahua, with Poutini standing between the separated couple. Tamaahua bears a paua shell that is believed to bring connectivity and harmony to relationships, but is also a symbol of change and transition and is thought to bring peace to the wearer.

                                                                        Toni Kingstone

                                                                    Te Wai Pounamu

                                                          Acrylic and Resin 1200m  d.

                                                                        Price $4250


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