Juliet Roper's Blooming Flowers

Juliet Roper's Blooming Flowers II

This is a second post that is connected to the previous one. It represents a dual purchase.

Dominating the gallery at the moment are two pieces entitled Bloom Burst I and Bloom Burst II. Featured here is Bloom Burst II. Both are the work of gallery artist Juliet Roper and they are part of the current showcase, Yours Abstractly. They have garnered much admiration and desire to own. However, at the close of the exhibition in November, these incredibly powerful expressionist abstract compositions are destined to leave New Zealand as they have been purchased by a European art collector. The Welcome Swallow Gallery is proud to present artists whose work is sold in New Zealand and around the world.

Juliet Roper
Bloom Burst II
Acrylic on Canvas
Price: $2500


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