Turner-Barlow's Homage to Hopper

Homage to Hopper shows the composition depth to Turner-Barlow’s artistry. The painting evokes a deliberate comparison to the work of American artist Edward Hopper, who in the 1930s and 40s painted several iconic pieces that captured the haunting loneliness of the individual in American life.

Here, Turner-Barlow places her subjects in the Koru lounge at Wellington airport. An empty abandoned glass in the foreground left by an anonymous traveler, paces the passage of time that is fractured by a different shadow angle. The two subjects centre-left, although sat together with matching beverages, peer in opposite directions, emphasising independence of thought, while the vacant runway beckons the promise of a new destination. The vast windows and sturdy structure echoes respectively, Hoppers famous paintings, Nighthawks and Office in a small City.

Turner-Barlow introduces contemplation and the potential loneliness of travel, alongside Hopper’s view that separation is fundamental to the human experience.

Sold to a new collector to the gallery from the Structure & Place exhibition that ran parallel to Sandra Turner-Barlow's Audi Five Cities Showcase.

Sandra Turner-Barlow

Homage to Hopper

Oil on Board     600x900mm

Price: $5000


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