Jing Liu's Fantastic Fan


This fan represents a section of a famous painting; a masterpiece of China’s “blue green landscape”. The entire original painting (see below) is nearly 12 metres long. It was created by an 18-year-old prodigy during Northern Song dynasty whose name is Wang Ximeng. It is imbued with a tremendous momentum that can ‘conquer mountains and rivers’. This is typically seen as the national image that documents and represents the Song dynasty. Accordingly, it can be called the Aerial China of the Song dynasty. Wang Ximeng died at a very young age of 20. The painting is the only work by the artist. He used minerals as the main pigments, presented a collection of mountain formations and rippling waters from both the North and the South and in this way portrayed the vast magnificent landscape of the country. The painting is seen as a masterpiece of “blue green landscape”. The fan is a tribute to this important part of Chinese history.

Jing Liu

Excerpt of the Painting

 <A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains>


Watercolour on Silk

280x280mm d.

Price: $2500


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