Yu Ting Li sells Humble Hut

This beautiful illustration of Chinese calligraphy from gallery artist Yu Ting Li, entitled Inscription for My Simple Hut is an exquisite composition that highlights the delicacy and precision of calligraphic iconography.  Set out below is a translation of the inscription.

Inscription for My Simple and Humble Hut

A mountain does not get its fame from its height, but from the Immortals living there; a lake gets its mystique not from its depth, but from the Dragon living there. This home may be plain and simple, but it is comfortable because I am a person of virtue. The stone steps are covered with dark green stains of moss; the bright green colour of grass is reflected into the room by the curtains. Those who came to talk and laugh were erudite scholars, not shallow ignoramuses. I can play my unadorned zither and read the golden classics. There is no loud music to disturb the ears, and no official documents to tire the body. Like Zhuge's thatched cottage in Nanyang, and Ziyun's pavilion in Western Shu. As Confucius once said: "How can it be crude?"


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