A New Zealand Story

As Covid-19 challenges our way of life, the title of our next and now postponed exhibition, A New Zealand Story, remains apposite, albeit for somewhat different reasons. Understandably, the gallery and our gifts are not deemed as essential, however, here and on our Instagram and Facebook platforms we will continue to provide features, commentary and artistic compositions for the duration of the lock down period. The Trust is going to continue its work, now and well into the future. As children are our inspiration, so the gift of giving and art represent to us, the central thread of life. 

Art can still be purchased via the catalogues that are on the home page of this website. Indeed, the Waikato Watercolourists exhibition still has 7 days to run! The title of the painting below that will feature in A New Zealand Story captures the sentiments that we hold.

Colleen Tetley

This is our Patch

Acrylic on canvas, 1012x540mm, $1300


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