Behind the scenes...

The naked gallery...

Across all our social media platforms there are literally hundreds of photographs of the Welcome Swallow Gallery. We pride ourselves in presenting a beautiful space worthy of the artists' work that we are anxious to display in the best possible light.

However, there are times when we are preparing for a new exhibition when we are not exactly looking our best! Frequently the changeover can involve over twenty or more artists with their work being removed and replaced. This intense activity takes place on a Wednesday before going live at the Friday launch. Starting mid afternoon the existing exhibition is taken-down, wrapped and marked for distribution to purchasers. The new exhibition then begins to take shape. Curation involves not only the thematic focus of the exhibition but size of the paintings, the nature of the composition, colour, texture, style, medium, framing and available wall space. Wall maintenance is also a constant. Effectively each exhibition has its own path-dependent algorithm. The new exhibition is usually completed by 10pm on the same day and properly 'dressed' the following morning.

The photographs below capture moments of reflection as the gallery begins to take its shape once more. Treasured moments, every one. 

The (completed) Waikato Watercolourists Exhibition

Street-side of the gallery, showing the (completed) Permanent Collection


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