What on earth is that!?

In the eye of the beholder...

The cubism of Picasso, the strong gestural lines of Tamara de Lempicka, the heretical religious provocations of Caravaggio, the Vienna Secessionists with Klimt challenging traditional artistic wisdom, all these and many more original artists took both exception and refuge in galleries that were willing to  experiment with novel ideas. Such is the tapestry of creative genius. 

In May 2019, the Welcome Swallow Gallery opened a new exhibition entitled celebration. Right in the middle of the main hall, hung directly from the ceiling were several dozen barely visible thin wires that each supported strong curved wire, seemingly arranged at random, none of them touching the floor. 

It was truly disruptive; dramatic. It was not 'wall-hung' art. It was untitled. And it was the work of Gaye Jurisich. Ever original, Gaye's work paced the space around it, quietly asking questions of all who entered the gallery. One woman opined that it reminded her of the state of her mind at breakfast and probably for much of the rest of the day. A gallery volunteer gestured that "it's obviously meant to be a cloud... isn't it?"  Others simply strode past with nothing more than a quizzically raised eyebrow and solemn shrug of the shoulders. Some demanded to know who the artist was and why wasn't there an explanation attached? The celebration catalogue did not typically appease. Explanation not included.

Installations such as these make the gallery - any gallery, such a special place to be.


Gaye Jurisich


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