From the Permanent Collection II

A Wellington Artist at the Welcome Swallow

One of the most striking compositions in the christmas in the gallery exhibition last year, was the finely crafted Tui and Jug, by Wellington artist, Helen Cairney. The unlikely juxtaposition of an item of kitchenware with four tui birds catches the imagination, especially since the vivid blue and green hues of their feathers are allowed to dazzle among the brilliant yellow kowhai flowers that are cleverly superimposed on the composition independent of any supporting tree structure. Despite this free standing gantry, the tuis take their familiar tree-poses, presenting a vibrant display that contrasts sharply with the delicately drawn jug beneath them. This is a very eye-catching painting that combines both imagination and fine artistry.

Helen Cairney

Tui and Jug

Gouache and ink on paper 495x395mm

Price: $750


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