From the Permanent Collection IV

Solitude for our time

An artist from the UK, Gilian Hamilton’s graphite work creates powerful imagery. In this deeply moving composition, the artist allows us to access the private task-driven endeavours of a child from the Third World. While children of a similar age in western society might be captured in carefree play, the Solitude that is presented to us here does not encourage such expansive reflection. This is his world. We admire his determination and concentration, yet as he moves with outstretched arms to clean the rim of the pot, our gaze is deflected; we are not invited; we cannot penetrate his singular, personal focus. This piece currently sits in the Gallery’s Permanent Collection, ably representing the Welcome Swallow Purpose: Children are our inspiration.

Apart from providing the art work for the first exhibition in the Welcome Swallow Gallery in 2013, Gilian’s work has captured the attention of the international art world. “Gilian Hamilton is certainly a very talented draughtsman; this is especially evident in her graphite drawings that are stunning in their texture and depth with more than a resemblance to Caravaggio’s early drawings. – Stephen Ongpin, London and New York Fine Arts Dealer and Collector.

Gilian Hamilton


Graphite, 320x255mm

Price: $200


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