A New Zealand Story: Filming the exhibition

Moving online

The Welcome Swallow Gallery has responded to the demands to create online experiences by photographing and filming the latest exhibition, making it possible to see the paintings both in situ and via video walk-through. Board member, gallery artist and noted photographer, Sandra Barlow can be seen here applying her own particular 'lens' towards the new exhibition. This is a method pioneered by Ailene Cuthbertson for the Waikato Watercolourists exhibition earlier this year. The  exhibition, A New Zealand Story, has been further magnified by placing HD photographs of the paintings side by side with their gallery position. Aptly this additional "Barlow lens" carries out the same function as its astronomical namesake (if you are scratching your head, it's worth a quick google search!)

You can access the footage at:


The full online experience of the exhibition, A New Zealand Story, can be seen by following the directions under the gallery menu tab.

Sandra Barlow sets her lens


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