A New Zealand Story, exhibition opening 23rd May, 10am - 4pm

Come and take a look!

While the new wonderful exhibition, A New Zealand Story has been live and online since alert level 3, we are now able to look forward to a more traditional launch that takes place in the gallery. Typically, previous exhibition opening events have attracted up to 200 people, well beyond what is anticipated under alert level 2. 

Instead, we are inviting people to join us throughout the day on Saturday 23rd May. As this is not an organized group our numbers are restricted by normal social distancing etiquette. As previously indicated twelve people in the gallery at a time, with six in the shop, provides everyone with 3 square meters of space - well above the the 2 sqm required. Alas, no food or beverages can be consumed. On the positive side there will be no speeches either.

Do join us. We will be very happy to see you. 


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