A Super Stunning Welcome Swallow Gallery Exhibition Opening Night!

An art night out in the gallery...

Staying just within the alert level guidelines for social gatherings, up to 100 people attended the opening night of the Welcome Swallow Gallery Exhibition. Artists Sandra Barlow, Helen Cairney, Yasmin Franzmayr-Davis, Kirsten McIntosh and Gavin Smith put on a fabulous display of artistry that has already attracted overseas buyers.

The highlight of the evening was the Volunteers' Choice Award that was taken out by Gavin Smith's watercolour composition, Grounded (see below). Gavin receives a certificate and a cheque for $250 from the Gallery Trust Board. Unsurprisingly, by evening's end, the painting had been sold to a local collector.

During the evening presentations, MC Mark Kilgour and Trust Chief Executive, Dorothy Gilson, stressed that it was the hard work carried out by the volunteers that enabled the Gallery to survive in these challenging times. 


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