Gallery watercolourist, Sandra Barlow garners more plaudits

First seen in the christmas in the gallery exhibition 2019, Sandra Barlow's intense study entitled, Apple Blossom has just sold. While the white tinged luxurious red blossoms in full bloom are clearly the central feature of the composition, they are augmented with several buds that are yet to fulfill their promise.  Adding to the visual impact, the leaves are allowed to intrude and spill over the faux matt board that forms the parameters of the painting.  This is a splendid splash of nature that cannot be contained. More is to come; life affirming.

Twisted Tree, also by Sandra Barlow has sold. This composition offers a luxuriant view of a treescape that has withstood the elements, reflected in a impressionistic twisted trunk. 

Sandra Barlow's strong works, such as these, continue to attract a bevy of buyers.


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