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Amy Krauss

The Orchard

Watercolour 130x165mm

Exhibited: Royal West of England Academy 1919

Private Collection

Amy Krauss was born in Bristol to a German father and an English mother. She studied at the Royal West of England Academy, becoming a founding member of The Clifton Arts Club. Her artistic career included painting in both oils and watercolours and latterly as a potter.

From 1904-1914, Krauss typically exhibited landscape paintings. Prior to this, between 1908 and 1913, she studied art at the Académie Colarossi, Paris, where it is believed she first met Frances Hodgkins. She returned to Bristol at the outbreak of war and worked as a draftsman for the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company. A clear influence on her aesthetic came from the Scottish colourists Samuel Peploe, J.D. Fergusson and Leslie Hunter, whom she came across while in Paris. Krauss joined Hodgkins’ sketching class in St Ives in September 1915. Krauss preferred outdoor scenes, whether in Britain or France. The Orchard, indicates clearly how Hodgkins’ loose shaping of forms and reliance on colour influenced Krauss’ watercolours.

Krauss became one of Hodgkins’ closest friends and supporters. Hodgkins often stayed with her at her home, Redlane Cottage in Corfe Castle, and in August 1941 Krauss made the trip to Katharine & Anthony West’s farm to collect Hodgkins after recent surgery. She cared for Hodgkins at her home until she was well enough to return to her studio cottage later that year.

(Abridged and edited version from Jonathan Gooderham & Grace Alty)


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