Jing Liu's art described as 'irresistible'

Exhibition: Chinese Art: Inheritance and Innovation

Artist: Jing Liu

This composition expresses the idea of being soft on the outside and strong on the inside. It is innovative to sketch on Chinese rice paper that is traditionally used for watercolour paintings. You are able to work on both sides of rice papers to create an interesting visual effect.

As portraiture, Inner Strength represents all women and as such invites a personal dialogue that may also include conversations primarily between women but not to the exclusion of men.

Inner Strength offers a powerful vision of women cast in the image of beauty. 

The composition was an important cornerstone to the exhibition, described by the collector as irresistible.

Jing Liu

Inner Strength: 慧朹抛量

Charcoal and Ink on Rice Paper     450x320mm

Price: $950


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