Sandra Barlow sells Auckland

Sandra Barlow's highly stylized composition, Auckland has just been relocated to a Hamilton collector. 

To capture the essence of Auckland's identity, Barlow reflects on the feel of Don Binney and the moderne senses of Rita Angus to create a composition to be within grasp with a simple glance without reference to location, geography, or perspective. To create this effect, the buildings are  highly stylized to represent past and present. In the foreground are the older buildings and residences, now ever tightly packed with imposing taller office blocks toward the middle of the painting. The drama of the highways that hold visual dominion, demonstrate that Auckland is at a crossroads, yet the truck with headlights on, emerging from the darkness, suggests hope. Additionally, from bottom to top, the composition can be seen as moving from old, to new to nature. This is punctuated by the ‘conversation’ between the old One Tree Hill monument and the Sky Tower. The painting is much about identity and that Auckland and Aucklanders face choices that are embedded in history and hope.

Sandra Barlow

Auckland  Oil on Board  760x500mm  

Price: $1750


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