New Exhibition!

The Waikato Watercolourists III

The countdown begins for the Craig's Investment Partners sponsored, Welcome Swallow Gallery exhibition, "The Waikato Watercoloursits II".It is now two years since the Welcome Swallow Gallery launched the first watercolour exhibition in New Zealand that specified a curatorial interest in the Waikato as of geographical interest to art. Despite being truncated by the global pandemic, The Waikato Watercolourists attracted wide interest and coverage, both locally and nationally. This new exhibition. The Waikato Watercolourists II, significantly builds on the traditions so established, presenting a visual feast of iconic structures, flora, fauna and spectacular vistas; all splendid illustrations using the medium of watercolour. Seen here on the cover of the Catalogue is Hong Cumming's superb composition, "Romancing the Bridge". Starts 14th Jan. Not to be missed!


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