Exhibition Review from Maryline Panis, New York

Art Review

For its inaugural exhibition, the Hunter Dunbar Gallery in Chelsea, NYC has honored abstract women artists - Ninth Street and Beyond: 70 Years of women in Abstraction - Part 1: The Gestural is a phenomenal exhibition.

The abstract painting movement is well known and recognized thanks to iconic male artists such as Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and many more. However, until recently, women artists who belonged to this movement from the very beginning have been largely ignored. We attribute the origins of the abstract painting movement to Wassily Kandinsky, when he presented, in 1910, his first watercolor paintings that had no formal composition. But it is important to mention Hilma de Klimt, a Swedish painter, who had created her first abstract painting, earlier in 1906.

Just after the Second World War, within the context of the Cold War and conservatism, many artists migrate to NYC, making the Lower East Side and the East Village an avid place of creativity and brainstorming. Just a few years later, the 1951 Ninth Street Show at 60 East 9th Street, curated by Leo Castelli, marked the official debut of Abstract Expressionism. Sixty-one men and eleven women participated in this show; among them, Joan Mitchell, Lee Krasner, Helen Frankenthaler, Grace Hartigan, and Elaine de Kooning, revolutionizing American art and contemporary society.

Next to those pioneers, this exhibition, in two parts, gathers stunning artworks by 50 worldwide women artists over the last eight decades. If you are in New York City, this exhibition is a must see.

The part 1: The Gestural is ending up on April 9th  2022.

The part 2: Studio, The Geometric will start on April 14th until May 25th 2022.



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