"Check" out Sylvia Sinel's latest exhibition sale

This group of sculptured chess pieces by gallery artist, Sylvia Sinel, consists of Queen, King and Pawn. It is part of the gallery exhibition, Still Slices of Life. Entitled I Have Your Back, these pieces are modelled after the traditional and familiar Staunton design, set out by FIDE, the International Chess Federation. However, the similarity to the match play chess pieces ends at this point. These are much bigger, sculptured in Stoneware and configured to support strategic decision-making as we face ongoing life challenges. Rather than engaging in competitive play, Sinel invites us to ponder the moves necessary to secure a chosen direction of travel. Each piece, or ‘material’, may provide singular or mutually constituted backing for tackling the pathways ahead.

Sold to a chess enthusiast.

N.B. Other customized, unique versions of I Have You Back, are still available. 

Sylvia Sinel

I Have Your Back

Stoneware   King 490mm  Queen 430mm  Pawn 750mm t.

Price: $3,650


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