New exciting exhibition at the
Welcome Swallow City Gallery

Running parallel with the Street Stories exhibition at the Grey Street gallery, we are proud to announce a second exhibition at the City Gallery, entitled II FEMINAE. Artists Mariska de Jager and Joslyn Hobbis are presenting an exciting suite of sculptures and contemporary paintings that explore the diversity of women's emotion in art. In their own words:

"Have you ever wondered what would happen when the deep contemplativeness of hand-built ceramic sculpture meets the seemingly disparate neon sphere of contemporary shaped painting? Two post-graduate women artists have come together in a vibrant and sensitive exhibition, to explore play, joy, love, hope, dreams, anxiety and fears using the mediums of clay, shape and colour. Each work of art tells a story of emotion or being present in the world in which we seek to make a connection with our inner selves, or the space beyond". 

The exhibition runs from 10th April to 12th May. Not to be missed! An open night will also be held on Friday 19th from 5-7pm

Mariska and Joslyn introduce their are at the launch social, City Gallery on Ward

Mariska and Joslyn introduce their II Feminae art at the launch social, City Gallery on Ward, 19th April 2024


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