The Trust has captured what it stands for in a detailed Purpose statement that can be seen below. Everything that the Trust does, follows the narrative that the Purpose has established for us. 

Understanding our Purpose

When the Trust was set up in 2016, we wanted to capture a better way to represent our journey, than the typical use of visions and mission statements. Our Purpose works like this: it begins with Spirit. We live our ideals by employing each and every one of our best attributes. We need all the attributes listed, starting with being Passionate about all that we do that eventually concludes with maintaining an idealistic outlook with our work. Always.

We believe in the importance of helping children who face incredibly tough lives with hardships that they should not have to endure. It is important to us that we embed our best efforts into the heart of the community to which we belong; accordingly, we want as many people as possible to share our story. We achieve this by embracing the retail challenge while encouraging artistic endeavours that place us in the heart of our local area and surrounding community. It is therefore no surprise that we see the children themselves as the source of our inspiration.

Finally, it is important to us that we recognize the critical role that our customers play. Without them, our dreams cannot soar to the challenges that we set for ourselves. At its simplest, all roads lead to Purpose. It is with these words that we seek ongoing guidance and counsel that enables us to succeed. 


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