Still Slices of Life

Exhibition opening night, Friday 11th March

Sponsored generously by Ebbett Audi, the Welcome Swallow Gallery launched the  exhibition, Still Slices of Life Friday 11th March. The exhibition runs through to the end of April. The subject of Still Life has long fascinated artists, as seen on Roman mosaics and in Egyptian tombs. Since the 15th century this artistic discipline has undergone significant changes, however one consistent aspect of the genre is that compositions should try to present all the human senses. This exhibition is the first time that the gallery has presented Still Life. 

On a warm muggy, vax passes only night, the gallery quickly filled up with attendees enjoying a rare 'art night out'. Trust Board member, Clive Gilson opened the evening by introducing the special subject of Still Life, and the reason why the Welcome Swallow Gallery decided to curate an exhibition of this genre. Trust Chair and CEO, Dorothy Gilson thanked the evening's sponsors Ebbett Audi while also shouting out the value of Trust Volunteers and all those who buy the gallery art work.

On behalf of the artists, Juliet Roper thanked the trust for providing a suitable platform for artists to show their work and the prospect of selling of many compositions.

The special Volunteers' Choice Award was taken out by gallery artist, Sandra Barlow for her brilliant composition, Mantel & Coal Bucket (see below). This is the second time that Sandra has won this Award.

The evening  attendees also much enjoyed the work of students from Hamilton Girls' High School who presented ten compositions from their recently completed portfolios. Additionally they also  presented a photographic album of ten photographs. Due to the technological ability to manipulate imagery in favour of greater expression and interpretation beyond documenting moments in time, this medium is typically described as a form of modern art (see Photographic Album below).

Winner of the Volunteers' Choice Award, sponsored by Ebbett Audi

Winner of the Volunteers' Choice Award

Sandra Barlow

Mantel & Coal Bucket

Oil     900x450mm

Price: $850

Chess sets the scene

The new Still Slices of Life exhibition includes a spectacular sculptural still life formation from gallery artist, Sylvia Sinel.

Launch photos from the evening


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