The Five Studies: new showcase - 70% sold on opening night!

Five gallery artists who were asked to present two paintings of the same subject delivered 10 spectacular compositions that study the subjects chosen by each artist. With 70% sold by the end of the launch night, the Welcome Swallow Gallery records its most successful opening of its 29 exhibitions.

Gallery curator Clive Gilson expressed his admiration to a packed gallery, for the quality of the work presented in the exhibition, a fact borne out by the rush to purchase as soon as the gallery opened its doors. He then invited the audience to interact with the five artists so that their rich compositions could be examined and discussed further

Gilson finished his speech saying, "a gallery that presents ongoing curated exhibitions can be expected to create aesthetic insights while adding to the contours of New Zealand art history". He concluded that, "The Five Studies Showcase has magnificently met its brief. It is not to be missed by all art lovers who have the opportunity to visit the gallery between 20th November and 20th January 2024".

Gallery artist Rebecca Dowman-Ngapo explains her detailed 8-level historical taxonomy of Garden Place


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