The Waikato Watercolourists II opening night

The Craig's Investment Partners sponsored, Welcome Swallow Gallery exhibition, The Waikato Watercoloursits II was launched Friday 14th January 2022, with a packed gallery. Trust CEO, Dorothy Gilson provided a swift review of the exhibition compositions, thanked the artists for their wonderful work and the Trust volunteers for their efforts that enabled the exhibition to take place. Mark Kilgour presented the Volunteers' Choice Award to Hong Cumming for her magnificent painting, Romancing the Bridge. 

Martin Necas, on behalf of the exhibition artists shared his expertise regarding the watercolour technique and method, its challenges and benefits vis a vis other media. Several paintings were sold, a great start to the exhibition!


Early coverage of the Waikato Watercolourists Exhibition II

Waikato landmarks loom large in watercolourists' exhibition

The undulating curves of the Fairfield Bridge feature in three artworks in a new art exhibition that includes some of the most recognisable sights in Waikato.

The bridge – which may be the first scene that springs to mind when people mention the name “Hamilton” – can be seen at the Waikato Watercolourists II exhibition that will open soon at the Welcome Swallow gallery in Hamilton East. 

...the participating artists included some rising stars from the region's arts scene. Perhaps chief among them is Rebecca Dowman-Ngapo, the artist who, in 2020, depicted Lady June Hillary in an official portrait that is now part of Auckland Museum’s Hillary Collection.

Mike Mather - Waikato Times 13th January 2022

THE WAIKATO TIMES - 13 January 2022


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