The Audi Five Cities Showcase: Moving Towards

The Welcome Swallow Gallery launched the Audi Five Cities Showcase: Moving Towards, by gallery artist Sandra Turner-Barlow, this evening Friday 1st September. A packed gallery heard from Andrew Unternahrer, Dealer Principal at Ebbett Audi, who spoke on behalf of Audi New Zealand who sponsored the event, who indicated the synergistic brand values between Audi and the Welcome Swallow gallery.

Nancy Caiger spoke about the importance of examining what an artist was trying to achieve in their composition. She emphasised the value of engaging actively with both their artistry and what intention was manifest in the work. The artist for the Audi Five Cities Showcase, Sandra Turner-Barlow, thanked all those who had assisted in her journey towards this exhibition. She explained the importance of symbolism in expressionist painting, the tensions that reveal insight and finally the questions that arise from the work.

Clive Gilson closed out the speeches by indicating that this was the first time that an artist had captured a socio-political interpretation of the five largest New Zealand cities. Finally, he referenced the parallel gallery exhibition entitled Structure & Place, paced by Sandra Turner-Barlow alongside two outstanding gallery artists, Rebecca Dowman-Ngapo and Hong Cumming.

Hamilton scenes: Misty Fairfield Bridge; Rainy Hood St.

Hamilton scenes: Misty Fairfield Bridge; Rainy Hood St.

Radio interview with gallery Curator Clive Gilson on the Jesse Mulligan show, national radio, 30th August 2023

The Audi Five Cities Showcase: Moving Towards was recently profiled on National Radio, the Jesse Mulligan show. Click on the link below to hear the interview.


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